Teach With Tech

Our first Teach With Tech at Lympstone Preschool

What is Teach with Tech?

Teach with tech started in 2017 by Troy Clements, one of the directors of Lets Talk Mobiles, with the view to help give children access to technology and to by helping the schools increase their technology offering in the classroom.

Troy says:

"Being in the technology industry and being in it since the year 2000 I have seen how it has changed and how our lifestyles have adapted to having certain technologies in our life. We can track our weight and finances through certain apps and wearable technology, we can buy all our presents online or even have our spectacles delivered straight to your door. Technology is constantly changing and our reliance on it is bigger then ever".

But what if we don't have access to certain technology, or if we do, what if we don't have an understanding of the technology in front of us.

That's why we want to help by putting it into classrooms, allowing the children first hand experiences in using technology. We need to invest in our children's futures because we may have the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates among us.

TEACH WITH TECH is more then a charitable giveaway, to us it's a movement. We want children to flourish when using technology, gain confidence and use it as a really great learning tool.

Technology doesn't have to be all play and no work!

Its important that children learn that technology can be more then just social networking, gaming and playing about with. Social Media and online gaming is growing and more youngsters are using it everyday, if we put this technology into the schools then it allows teachers to highlight the potential dangers when it comes to usage and allow children to use it responsibly.

How does Teach with Tech work, and how does Lets Talk Mobiles choose a school?

We don't, YOU do! We notify everyone through our social media outlets when its time to put a school forward, then when its time to pick a school it will be at random and all schools listed will have an even chance of being picked.

What schools can be nominated?

As a local business we like to support our local schools, so any school or preschool within the Exmouth, Lympstone, Budleigh Salterton, East Budleigh, Woodbury and Woodbury Salterton area are eligible to this initiative.

When will our chosen school get their tech?

Teach With Tech will be made exclusively available to the chosen school from the start of a new term in September to the next September term when they then receive their tech goodies.